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La Clinica del Pueblo’s project aims to increase WIC awareness, enrollment, and redemption for eligible Latino families in Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

La Clinica del Pueblo, a community-based Federally Qualified Health Center, will implement targeted outreach using community-level data and partnerships with farmers’ markets, child care centers, and local WIC agencies.

The project takes an innovative spin on the community health worker model through the use of “charla” small group education in various settings. The “charla” educations sessions will be embedded in new and existing programs and partnerships to maximize reach and impact and will complement the onsite enrollment in WIC at the clinic.

The strong strategies tested in this project have potential for other Federally Qualified Health Centers looking to expand partnerships with WIC.

Grant Duration

18 months

Grant Amount


Organization(s) Funded

La Clinica del Pueblo


  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC

Organization Type

Nonprofit Entity

Project Priority Population

  • Families with Limited Access to Health Care or Health Insurance
  • Families with Limited English Proficiency
  • Immigrant Families
  • Latina, Latino, Latinx, and/or Hispanic Communities

Strategies Used

Conduct Outreach Using Community-Level Data, Expand Partnerships