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The Lincoln County Health and Human Services’ project aims to reduce disparities and increase WIC enrollment for Hispanic and Indigenous Guatemalan participants in Lincoln County, Oregon.

The project will strengthen partnerships between healthcare providers and community-based organizations and employ innovative outreach strategies that include expanding satellite clinics, offering dental services once a month to WIC clients, increasing the number of Certified/Qualified Medical Interpreters, and creating multilingual radio and television ads, and ads on relevant platforms such as WhatsApp.

Lessons learned from streamlining communication and referral processes between community-based organizations and professional healthcare organizations can be adapted to other priority populations.

Grant Duration

18 months

Grant Amount


Organization(s) Funded

Lincoln County Health and Human Services


  • Oregon

Organization Type

WIC Local Agency

Project Priority Population

  • Indigenous Guatemalan
  • Latina, Latino, Latinx, and/or Hispanic Communities

Strategies Used

Conduct Outreach Using Community-Level Data, Expand Partnerships