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Reproductive Health Impact’s (RH Impact) project seeks to strengthen the WIC program and increase the uptake of WIC resources before, during, and in the aftermath of natural disasters and pandemics among African American families in southeast, Louisiana.

RH Impact will hold focus groups to create new, tailored outreach materials, build a collaborative network between local WIC agencies within Louisiana, and transform WIC toolkits and efforts to be more racially equitable.

Other organizations can take this model and apply it to their respective communities to help establish sustainable means to get WIC recipients necessary resources and help them take full advantage of the offerings of WIC.

Grant Duration

18 months

Grant Amount


Organization(s) Funded

The Praxis Project Inc. on behalf of Reproductive Health Impact


  • Louisiana

Organization Type

Nonprofit Entity

Project Priority Population

  • Black and African American Communities
  • Populations At High Risk for Natural Disasters

Strategies Used

Conduct Outreach Using Community-Level Data, Expand Partnerships