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The University of South Dakota Center for Prevention of Child Maltreatment’s project aims to enhance outreach and increase WIC participation among families with children in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the Mountain Plains region.

The project expands partnerships between the Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment, the Center for Rural Health Improvement, the Department of Public Health at the University of South Dakota, and the South Dakota WIC State Agency.

The development of the project’s outreach strategies are focused on amplifying the voice of parenting adults as evidenced by parents comprising 50 percent of the project’s Advisory Board and the creation of an online platform where parents can share brief personal stories/narratives about WIC. These stories will be analyzed for themes, and shared as part of an outreach strategy to normalize help-seeking behaviors by parenting adults and to push against any stigma or pre-conceived ideas about parents who receive support.

Other WIC outreach efforts include bringing a mobile WIC unit to existing neighborhood cultural events and parks and offering several cross-training opportunities for WIC staff.

Lessons learned from the centering of parents’ voices will serve as a model for other WIC agencies and organizations within the comprehensive system serving families and young children.

Grant Duration

18 months

Grant Amount


Organization(s) Funded

University of South Dakota


  • South Dakota

Organization Type

Nonprofit Entity

Project Priority Population

  • Eligible Children
  • Families with Limited Transportation Options
  • Immigrant Families
  • Latina, Latino, Latinx, and/or Hispanic Communities
  • Native American, American Indian, and Alaska Native Communities
  • Refugees
  • Rural Communities
  • Single Parents and Young Parents

Strategies Used

Conduct Outreach Using Community-Level Data, Expand Partnerships